Olivia Grace Schmidt

Scientist. Photographer. Filmmaker.

Documentary Filmmaking

In the summer of 2016, I began directing and producing a short documentary called "Saving Steven", a story about a veteran and his dog. Djaingo, a charismatic pound dog, has helped Steven through many dark times, including chronic illness, PTSD, and depression. Steven claims that he saved Djaingo's life once, but Djaingo saves him daily. This project is currently in rough cut.

I filmed and produced a promotional video for Odo Sound, a tech-based music school based in Austin, Texas. 
During the summer of 2016, I was a videographer and audio recorder for "Good Goodbyes", a short film about the pet foster system in Austin, Texas. This film was edited and directed by Stuart Phillips of Grateful Dog Productions. 
In addition to these projects, I am currently collaborating with Meagan O'Connell of Fikatha Media to film "Punk Scientists", a series of shorts about unconventional scientists. This project is currently in the process of being filmed. 
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